100 Journal Prompts for some (Soul)Work Out!

You can exercise, work out, face mask, exfoliate, bubble bath all you want as self-care, but unless you are doing anything for your mind, heart and soul, then umm you’re not quite there. An untangled mind, happy heart and a soul at peace represent a cared self. (not that bubble baths are not the best thing ever!!) Doing the inner work alongside the outer work is what you call actual self-care (or workout) and what you actually deserve!

Since you sat to read this I believe you are already familiar with the art of journaling so I’ll skip that here. Now those new to Journaling can at first struggle with starting and then keeping at it. On the contrary, the other ones are probably obsessed and on their nth book/diary. (me!) 

So for both and all, here are some prompts divided into categories/aspects you may wish to touch upon, so you spend less time going “what to write” and more actually soul-working out!

You could take up however number of prompts you wish to each day, according to what time and your mood allows and you’re off to a good start. Simply make sure to be consistent at it. And don’t just do it like something you ‘have’

Remember:You are equally (more*) important than your work, other things and people. and that You won’t time unless you make it.”

Happy Journaling!

A Peek into the Past / Retrospection  

  1. What would you tell the last-year you?
  2. How has your life changed in the past year? What lead to these changes?
  3. Are you happy with your today more than were with this day a year ago?
  4. What is one choice/decision you regret? How can you let it go?
  5. Recall an incident where you were wrong? Did you repeat that mistake? 
  6. If you could, what, if anything, would you change about yesterday? And why?
  7. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  8. What is your favorite memory so far this year?
  9. What’s been your toughest challenge thus far? Are you able to talk to/share it with people now? 
  10. If you had the chance to either relive or erase a day from your life, which option would you pick? If relive – which day would you like to relive? If erase – why would you wish to erase that very day?

Figuring Out the ‘Now’


  1. Are you happy? Go deep and be honest with yourself.
  2. Do you find yourself living more in the past, current, or future?
  3. What can you do to feel more fulfilled in your life?
  4. What are 3 things you are stressed about that are in your control?
  5. Name 3 things you are stressed about that aren’t in your control? Why are you still stressed out about them?
  6. What, if anything, are you eager to change in your life right now and why?
  7. How can you bring that change? (^) Write down a step by step action plan.
  8. What do you need less of in life right now?
  9. Your life is incomplete without________?
  10. What are you overthinking today?
  11. What does a perfect day look like? How is it different from your today?
  12. What things can you to do tomorrow to make it a perfect day?
  13. List all the things causing you anxiety today/these days. 
  14. What would make this week great?
  15. What your top 5 (or less) priorities for the week?  
  16. What or who is holding you from moving forward?
  17. What no longer serves you good / you need to let go of?
  18. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  19. How does a day 6 months from today looks like? What do you want it to look like? Be as detailed and specific as you can be.
  20. What grudges do you hold against yourself? Forgive yourself.

A Tomorrow Awaits / Manifestations


  1. What do you really want from life? Mention your top five.
  2. What all could go right?
  3. How do you want to be remembered?
  4. What does your ‘dream’ life look like? Describe it. Be free, keep the ‘if it’s possible or not’ out whilst at it.
  5. How would your ‘dream’ life feel like?
  6. If the finest version of you was sitting next to you, what would they say? How would they act and feel?
  7. What would your 10 years later version say to you right now?
  8. What are somethings you don’t wish to do in life, ever?
  9. Your life would be incomplete without________?
  10. Make yourself a bucket list! Write it down on a paper. Even better – put it up somewhere so it crosses your eyes every day.

A Note of Thanks


  1. List people you love. Tell/remind them!
  2. List people who love you. 
  3. What was the best part of the week?
  4. What are some of the best compliments you have received? 
  5. List all the things that you made you smile today.
  6. What are you loving about life right now?
  7. What is a good news you received recently? 
  8. What do you look forward to each morning?
  9. What in your life makes you feel calm and relaxed?
  10. What’s something you thought would go wrong but didn’t?
  11. What’s something good you thought wouldn’t happen but did?
  12. Recall your favorite vacation.
  13. List down your favorite food. 
  14. What emotions you feel at the moment that you are grateful for?
  15. What is your favorite color? Look around. List all things of that color. 
  16. Name one childhood friend? Or someone you have been friends with for a long time? Or your oldest friend. Write your favorite memory with him/her/they.
  17. Write about a blessing that came in disguised.
  18. List at least 20 (or more!) thing about yourself you love.
  19. What’s an outfit you felt confident in?
  20. Name your favorite band, song(s), movie(s) and book.

Self – Discovery, Love and Growth


  1. How can you work on loving yourself a little more today?
  2. Describe yourself in 10 adjectives. How many of them were positive or negative?
  3. List 10 adjectives you would like to be described as? How can you get closer to this description of you?
  4. What are the things, non-physical/character traits, you love about yourself? List them all.
  5. What are the things, physical, you love about yourself? List them all.
  6. What are the things, non-physical/character traits about you that you wish to work on/improve? List them all without hating or demeaning yourself for them.
  7. How can you improve on these? (^)  
  8. What are the things, physical, about you that you wish to work on/improve? List them all without hating or demeaning yourself for them.
  9. What can you do to bring these changes? (Eg: Workout, Eating healthier, Face Making more, anything!)
  10. Write yourself a routine including the above listed changes.
  11. What difficult thoughts/emotions visit you frequently?
  12. What emotions are you holding on to today?
  13. What do you fear the most?
  14. What thing/ability of you do you take the most pride in?
  15. What are your top 3 hobbies? How often do you make time for these hobbies?
  16. Make a to-do list for the week. Remember to put at least one of the above (^) stated hobbies every day.
  17. What are your top 3 values?
  18. Are you showing yourself the respect and love you offer others?
  19. What is your all-time favorite song and why?
  20. What qualities of you would you like to be more appreciated for?

Productivity / Career


  1. Name 5 things you do well.
  2. Who do you look up to in life and why?
  3. Who inspires you?
  4. How do you define success in life? 
  5. What does money mean to you? Freedom? Independence? Travel? Clothes? Less stress? Luxury? Or?
  6. List 5 things, as little or big, you did in the past 2 months that you’re proud of.
  7. What is your biggest achievement as yet?
  8. What would you want your biggest achievement, in life, to look like?
  9. What things are currently distracting you? How can work on eliminating these distractions?
  10. How would you want your work day to look like?

People / Relationships


  1. Who do you trust the most? Why?
  2. With whom are you your most authentic version?
  3. What traits/values do you look for in a friend?
  4. What traits/values do you look for in a romantic partner?
  5. What for you are the pillars of any relationship? List 5.
  6. Around who do you feel safe and warm? Name the first 5 people that come to your mind. Keep close to them.
  7. Think of a person you love. How does it feel to love them? Go all cheesy!
  8. Who would be the first person you go to tell your achievement to? Why?
  9. Who no longer brings you peace and happiness in your life?
  10. Among all, which relationship is your most favorite one and why? (Could be current or a past one).

Please know and remember happy and healthy body and life can only ever be painted with a happy and healthy mind and heart! Honour your being, feel your feelings and nourish your soul, it’s a pretty beautiful way to sail through life!  


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