A Glimmer of Green: Plants to Doll up your Home with!

You can decorate your home all you want, but without the sight of a plant (preferably more!) it won’t quite go from ‘umm’ to ‘oof’! It’s pretty known and proved that the world altogether needs more of green, leaving your home ain’t much of an exception. But keeping aside this ‘have to’, having plant(s) indoors provide loads of benefits and make up GREAT pieces of décor(!!) and trust me, by the end of this read you’ll ‘want to’ join in the team houseplant!

Now, if you’re already a plant(s) parent, you very well already know you can never have enough plants. (why else would you be here!) But if you’re not and reading this, you are probably just getting ready to give your place a glimmer of green (nice call!) and are likely a little confused on what to choose. Well, look no more or further and scroll through to a get a quick roundup of the best of the indoor plants, with just the right amount of information (don’t want to overwhelm you into closing the tab) and hell loads of décor inspiration!   


Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue)


  • Height: 5-7 inches to 7-8 feet
  • Bloom Time: Rare
  • Highlight(s): Purifies Air, Low Maintenance  
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Indirect bright, although will survive in low light too
  • Water:

Less frequent

Summers – about every 2/3 weeks, Winters – Monthly

Allow the soil to dry in between waterings

  • Temperature: 15 – 30 C

Fiddle Leaf Fig


  • Height: 10ft (Indoors)
  • Bloom Time: Rare
  • Highlight: Purifies Air, Low Maintenance 
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Consistent indirect bright
  • Water: When soil is dry to touch
  • Temperature: 15 – 25 C; Humidity upto 65%

Bird of Paradise



  • Height: 3 – 6ft 
  • Bloom Time: Late Winter (Mid December) – Early Spring (Mostly outdoors)
  • Highlight: Purifies Air, Orange – Blue flowers
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Bright direct
  • Water: Keep the soil moist, throughout (don’t over/under water)
  • Temperature:  15 – 26 C, Enjoy Humidity 

Peace Lily



  • Height: 3 – 4ft 
  • Bloom Time: Spring, Fall
  • Highlight: Produces oxygen at night, Cleans Air Beautiful White blooms
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Low to Medium, Always indirect
  • Water: Once a week, Let the top soil dry 50% between watering, Don’t overwater, Avoid chlorinated water
  • Temperature: 15 – 26 C, Enjoy Humidity

Clivia (Fire Lily)


  • Height: 2 – 3ft
  • Bloom Time: Winter
  • Highlight: Orange Flowers, Lasts long
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Enjoy shade 
  • Water: Moderate, Let the soil dry between watering
  • Temperature: 18 – 21 C (Spring to Fall); During Rest Period – Place in Cooler area, about 10 C

French Lavender



  • Height: 2 – 43ft
  • Bloom Time: Spring to Early Fall
  • Highlight: Acts as freshener
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Full sun
  • Water: Once in 15 or more days, Drought Resistant 
  • Temperature: Prefers warm and dry conditions, but can’t stand high humidity or frost

Polka Dot Plant



  • Height: 1 – 3ft
  • Bloom Time: Late Summer / Early Fall
  • Highlight: Purifies air, Brightens mood
  • Pet Friendly?: Yes


  • Light: Indirect no too bright 
  • Water: As soon as the soil starts to dry; Don’t let it dry out or get soggy
  • Temperature: 21 – 26 C

African Violet



  • Height: 4 – 16 Inches
  • Bloom Time: All year around
  • Highlight:  Last long, Easy to Care
  • Pet Friendly?:  Yes


  • Light: Indirect Bright (filtered)
  • Water: Warm water; Don’t let water be in contact with leaves; Keep the soil moist
  • Temperature: 16 – 24 C; Enjoy high humidity

Areca Palm (Golden Cane Palm, Butterfly Palm, Bamboo Palm)



  • Height: 7 – 10ft
  • Bloom Time: Rare (Indoors)
  • Highlight: Absorbs air pollutants, Easy to Care 
  • Pet Friendly?: Yes


  • Light: Loads of Bright indirect
  • Water: Water as soon as soil starts drying, Keep the soil moist but don’t let it get soggy
  • Temperature: 16 – 23 C, Appreciate humidity

Cast Iron Plant



    • Height: Up to 3ft
  • Bloom Time: Rare
  • Highlight: Improve Air quality, Adaptable to wide conditions, Hard to kill
  • Pet Friendly?: Yes


  • Light: Low light, No direct sunlight 
  • Water: Only when dry; If kept in ideal conditions – low light conditions/cooler temperature – Once every 15 days 
  • Temperature: 15 – 23 C, Not below 8 C

Aloe Vera



  • Height: 1 – 2ft
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Highlight: Super easy to care, Healer (Read more at: link of aloe article)
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: As much as Bright indirect light possible
  • Water: Once a week or two, Let the soil dry completely between watering
  • Temperature: 12 – 29 C

Air Plant



  • Height: 2 – 5 Inches
  • Bloom Time: Once in a lifetime  
  • Highlight: Purify Air, Reduce Stress, Need no soil
  • Pet Friendly?: Yes


  • Light: Very bright indirect
  • Water: Soak in water for about 15 minutes or so weekly, Let it dry before putting them back

Temperature: 18 – 29 C, Prefer High Humidity

ZZ Plant



  • Height: 3 – 4ft 
  • Bloom Time: Rare
  • Highlight: Cleans Air, Easy to Care; Tolerant to drought, low light, low humidity 
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Bright indirect Light, although are adaptable to any/many lighting conditions
    • Water: Only when soil completely dries 
  • Temperature: Average Temp (Not below 7C)

(Golden) Pothos



  • Height: 10 – 30ft
  • Bloom Time: Doesn’t
  • Highlight: Purifies air from toxins, Easy to Care
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Bright indirect light, although adaptable to wide variety of conditions
  • Water: Once in a week (Warmer months), Once in two weeks (Cooler Months; Let the soil dry completely between watering

Temperature: 18 – 29 C (Above 10 C at all times)

Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)



  • Height: Taller Variety – Up to 10ft) 
  • Bloom Time: Occasional – only in perfect conditions
  • Highlight: Cleans and humidifies air, East to Care
  • Pet Friendly?: No


  • Light: Enjoy shade or indirect light
  • Water: When the soil is 70% dry, Keep it moist, Don not over water
  • Temperature: 18 – 23 C

Now coming to décor inspiration, there is quite no going wrong here. It’s simply you and your vibe. You can place your plants however and wherever you want! Keep it minimalistic or get the big dramatic ones, can have a single statement piece or a whole home jungle, have them hang from ceiling or put them all in one corner. You can have them sit right on your work desk or enjoy them whilst bubble bathing, have them silently rest on the window panels or literally have them scattered all over the room. Absolutely no rules, for no matter what it is — your home or workplace or office cabin or studio, it should be nothing but oh so you (and how you like it)! 

So, here is some inspiration for you, to go wild with your plant babies and a proof that they look good anywhere and however!

Unlike other lying around kinda décor pieces, plants may require care, and definitely do more than just sit ideal. If it scares you at first, you can always start small or with one that suits you best. Trust me, you are just a try away from falling in love and building your very own home jungle!  



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