Around the World in One White Shirt

People, brands, industries throughout are marching towards a new way of mindset, course of action life en masse. One that is not only lived to its highest potential but in essence keeps the health of the planet at heart. Everyday steps and actions are progressively being aligned to concepts such as Conscious and Sustainable.

These terms are perceptibly making and gaining identities in the everyday vocabulary of everyone and at no exception stands the fashion realm. ‘Conscious Fashion’, ‘Sustainable Living’, ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ locutions have been introduced and have, by now, made their spaces far and wide in the way people, you and I, shop, store and dress. These concepts ask us to buy less or what is genuinely needed, limit the wants and purchases and so on. This can though sound too dull and boring at first. (Did to me too!) But only till its half understood. These can only limit you as much as you limit yourself. Conscious fashion is only and only for you to care and treat the planet right and so not, not even a teeny tiny bit to take out the fun from fashion or sabotage your Instagram #OOTDs. It may be about buying less but simply so you make more use of what you’ve already got, dig into and explore your creative self abundantly and basically bring out the Anna Wintour from within! (yeah not primarily but still!)

But what often presents itself as a speed breaker for many is this little for lettered ‘How’. No biggie, scroll further to the bottom and you’ll know exactly how or at the very least know how to start. For the same and this write up, I pick out what’s without a doubt hanging in every closet – a white shirt. A must-have, can be dressed up but down too, basic but classy too, um, basically a beautiful paradox. 

Drawing on inspirations from the world’s biggest fashion destinations and perfectly suited to their style and mood, discover below vogue ways you can wear and style a simple white shirt. (With many photo inspirations from some big Instagram Fashion names!) And into the bargain also find our product selects so you don’t have to go dig in the entire internet and are just an add to cart away from your on fleek OOTD! 

To begin, all we need is a good white shirt, obviously. Don’t worry if you are yet to add it to your wardrobe or have worn out the previous one (like me!), here is where you can grab it from :

Mist Full Sleeve Shirt-White – B Label

Parisian Affair

One of the biggest homes of trends and the without exaggeration, the entire fashion industry, Paris breathes, talks and walks fashion. It is no trend follower, a setter instead. Fashion to the French is more about self-expression and appreciation. Looks here are chique, classy, boldly feminine – in the best way, all topped with confidence. 

  • Sweet Suit
    There’s nothing quite like a blazer no? Throw on a light weight, easy yet structured blazer with a similar colored pair of pants, with a bright red lip (so French!) for a strong yet feminine monochromatic day-to-night look. 

    Blazer, Handpicked by HUED :
    Lilian – RunwayBicycle
  • Audrey Attire
    This South of France inspired look is whispers class in every way. It’s elegant, makes a statement and guaranteed will get have heads turning. Simply put on a wide legged white pants, wrap a white scarf and top it with retro pair of sunnies. While you can opt for any color for the entire look, we truly recommend white.
    Sunglasses, Handpicked by HUED: Prima White – ShopCovery
  • WoMan Up

Pairing two different styles is never boring. Combine a blazer (preferably oversized, from the men’s section), with a bootcut jeans or your fav pair and embody bold and boss lady vibes in a flick. You can add on some accessories like a belt and a bag and let your hair dance free!

Jeans, Handpicked by Hued:  The Whitney Boyfriend – livefashionable

  • Lingerie Love

Wearing lingerie inside? Too common. Wear that expensive shiz out. Wear it over your white shirt and complete the look with a well-structured pair of pants. Add a shoulder back and pair of heels for a stunning glam look. 

Bikini Top, Handpicked by HUED: The Triangle Bikini Top – Everlane

Italian Summer

Housing some of the most dreamy islands, coastal corners and the World’s fashion capital itself, Italy is pastel and playful, yet posh and elegant. It’s summery and sunny and likes keep it all fun, flowy and vibrant.

  • Hello Headscarf

Any look is just an accessory away to become cute af! And nothing’s better (and of course cuter) than a little fun colored printed scarf for the summer! It is perfect to add a pop of color to the everyday breakfast run and plus saves your hair from the scorching heat.

Headscarf, Handpicked by HUED: Silk Large Square Scarf- Centinelle

  • Jute Jabber

Jute accessories have made a comeback after long. Be it hat or bag, jute is no longer just for the sake of the planet but a fashion statement, perfect for a sunny day at the beach. Pair a jute bag with anything – floral midis or simple cotton pants as shown, and add on some boho necklace and you are ready!  

Bag, Handpicked by HUED: Apricity Ally Elongated – Stemindia

  • Skirt Strolls

Another summer savior is a skirt. For this one pair the shirt with a printed bright colored skirt, light, breezy and of flowy feel. This compliments well with summer weather and is much easier to carry. If going casual, simply add on flip flops, if otherwise, opt for heals in some pastel color for some fun or stick to white and play safe.

Skirt, Handpicked by HUED: Galina Midi Skirt – tamgadesigns

  • Bikini and Beach Bum

Another way is to use the shirt as a cover up. This can be done in anyway according to preferences. Put on the shirt above a cute bikini top or swimsuit, and any bottom – shirt, shorts, anything! Keep the shirt loosely tucked in with top few buttons open. Throw the shirt away at any time for a dip. Convenient! 
Napali Top – ookioh

New York High Street Hustle

On the other of the European coasts and fashion, comes New York’s streets and lifestyle and trends. Its fast, undoubtedly so, chic, young, edgy, funky, and a mix of a lot more. Street style and statement pieces here sit at the front row.

  • Trench Talk

Trenches are super stylish, such a statement, they are the outfit! Pair a nice camel trench with your shirt and any pair of jeans. Roll up the shirt’s sleeve over the trench to make it look more edgy. Keep the hair blow dried or up in a pony and finish the look with wedges.      

Trench Coat, Handpicked by HUED: Holland Trench – thereformation

  • Denim and Patch? A Match!

Denim can never go wrong. To up the casual shirt – denim look, explore more fun and worked denim pieces. It could be two toned, sticker patches, distressed, side stripped or patchwork like this one. Pair the (fun)denim with a cut cropped top or tank, layer with shirt, unbuttoned like a jacket/cover up. Complete this casual sporty look with sneakers and some hoops.  

Jacket, Handpicked by Hued: Indigo patchwork quiltted jacket organic cotton – 11-11

  • Touch of Leather

Uncommon in summers but not impossible. (Vegan)Leather shorts are the most doable and cool way to wear leather during summer. Avoid going for a too fitted pair, opt for a size up. Tag on a pair of black sunglasses and flat ankle leather boots and you are ready and effortlessly edgy.

Shorts, Handpicked by HUED: Lonestar short – Bblanknyc

  • Buckle Up 

Wearing belts to hold up jeans/pants is so behind the time and such a waste of potential. Belts now rest sit out and on top. Layer the shirt with a cardigan or blazer and belt it up. Since this creates a cinch at the waist, avoid anything too skinny on the bottom, opt for flare or straight fits. Make sure to match the colour of the belt with shoes or bags or both to pull the look together.  

Belt, Handpicked by HUED: Belt – Mila-vert

London Life

London life, in words is calm, satisfied and sophisticated. Despite so, it has its side of young, vibrant and lively too. Fashion and looks here depict exactly so. London style is always trendy and high street but in the most refined and polished way.

  • Top Notch Tights 

Taking a break from regular pants and replacing them with tights is honestly genius. Perfect for early autumn, it works when it’s not hot enough to go bare but neither cold enough to wear a full layer. Wear the shirt as a dress, put on tights beneath and layer if the weather favours. The look’s sexy in a sleek way and has a lot of character to it.       

Tights, Handpicked by HUED: Pernille dots 20 denier – Dear Denier

  • Lead with Loafers

A basic simple outfit can be easily decorated up with the right accessories. Ones that blend together and complete the look. In case of leather, rule to remember is to keep the shade same. Ditch the blazer, and amp up the regular corporate look by adding a bold footwear. Compliment it with a bag or suspenders in the same shade and you’re ready for the deals.

Loafers, Handpicked by HUED: Jane-black – Taylor and Thomasla 

  • Bye Pants

Remember how I said pants are boring? This one’s for the no pants club. Perfect to fit London’s cloudy moods, wear the shirt with your cozy pullover or crewneck or sweater vest on top. Finish with high length socks to balance the look better. Stylish yet cozy, we love it!    

Pullover, Handpicked by HUED: Knitted turtleneck pullover – Milavert

  • Pinch of Pastel

Pastels are super cute and compliment the light feel of a white shirt. Add so in form of skirt, shorts, denims, shoes or pants. But the trick here is to keep in mind to select not very light hued pastels as they can look too bland. For this try adding a solid coloured accessory such as bag as shown or a good thrown on shrug or jacket. 
Pants, Handpicked by HUED: Queen of hearts-pants – The Summer House

See! A white shirt doesn’t have to be boring. Let alone with this read you looked through 16 ways to wear a simply white shirt, for every occasion, mood, time of the day or year. Fashion is anything but dreary. And simply going conscious can’t and doesn’t change that. In fact, evidently, only adds more to the fun and play. Hopefully now you know ‘how’, so be unafraid to experiment, mix and match and rejoice in the art of clothing!  


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