Asian Attractions you Need to add to your Wanderlust List!

If we give you a quick second to list your dream destinations, how many places will it take for you  name an Asian site? Many no? Only after you cable car your way to the mountains of Switzerland,  take a dip into the French islands, shop the streets of Milan, get tanned in the Bora Bora, may you  probably (x2) land on the Asian land. Well it’s not just you, that’s what every ‘Wanderlust List’ ever  

looks like. But we are here to change it, or at the very least make you consider some Asian add-ons,  as we continue to dedicate the entire week to Asia and Asians in honor of the AAPI Heritage Month  (also because we love them both!). 

So hop on, secure your seats, fasten em’ belts, and we’re ready to take off! 


Kyoto, Japan 

Photo: Ig @christopherkhoitran

A repository of Japan’s truest culture and oldest traditions, the city of Kyoto stands far away from  the ‘city’ feel. It is slower and deliberate in its pace and is nothing short of a peaceful haven. Housing country’s greatest temples and shrines, Kinkakuji (Temple of Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu-Dera,  Fushimi Inari Taisha, to name a few, Kyoto is the spiritual spine of the county. With these accompany gorgeous Japanese Zen rock and scroll gardens and serene bamboo groves, making the city an  absolute green bliss. Strolls through the streets of Kyoto offer yummiest matcha treats, fun geisha  greets, rental kimono experiences, and more, all with cherry blossoms lined up in the backdrop, and  that in our opinion is a must-experience scene. 

Best Time to visit? While the city is a great visit year-around, Late March-Early April or the  November-Early December periods are best preferred. 

Ideal duration of Stay? 3 days are great to get the glimpse of it all, although a 5 days long stay could  be an ideal while to really enjoy the place.  

Tokyo, Japan 

Clearly, we can’t get enough of Japan (sorry not sorry). 

Painted in a different Japanese aesthetic, Tokyo is a young’s delight. Greatest city today, it is a fierce  metropolis filled with skyscrapers, high rises, bright city lights and neon signs, futuristic structures  and absolute madness. City’s food, night/bar life, modernistic architecture and designs, scramble  crossing and high street fashion (oh! the fashion), all is simply stunning and to die for. Tokyo’s youthful feels are beautifully contrasted by the calm in its gardens, the traditional wooden buildings  and tableware, and the tranquility in its temples, making it a baffling paradox. The splendors of  sights of Tokyo are backed up by a high tech – smooth railway system, clean roads and low crime/safe surroundings, making it any traveler’s ultimate stop. Despite this attempt, the city of  Tokyo can’t be explained in mere words and is one of the easiest to fall in love with (at first sight!). 

Best Time to visit? Similar to Kyoto, Late March-Early April or November-Early December periods are  the peak seasons. 

Ideal duration of Stay? A 4-5 days long trip is great to explore the city, although all number of days  aren’t enough and no number of days will bore you there.  

Dubai, UAE 

Known as the city of gold, Dubai carries richness not just in its jewels but also in the experiences it has to offer. It is an ideal holiday destination, be it a fun family vacay, an adventurous solo trip or a  romantic honeymoon. Glimpse of Dubai’s luxury can be seen in its Burj Khalifa, its resorts and 7  stars-hotel, the colossal Dubai mall, the world famous Dubai musical-dancing fountain, its  picturesque Palm Islands and more. Next in line is its unique and grandeur Dessert experience, with  the most fun and exciting activities like no other. Not only the dessert, the city has around a  1000kms of beach, with tons of watersports and bright sunshine. In addition to all that Dubai has for  you to see, it has even more for you to grab. From the biggest of the luxury brands to the purest of  the gold jewelry, it, without a doubt, is a shopper’s paradise. Dubai further takes pride in its  breathtaking skyline, extravagant infrastructure and safe(st) environment. 

Best Time to visit? November to March are amazing months to avoid the sweltering heat and a fun  time here. 

Ideal duration of Stay? A 4 nights long trip is enough to enjoy the best of city.  


Bali, Indonesia 

Indonesia is world’s largest island country, with about thousands of them, and yet Bali manages to  lay unique and unparalleled. From places to see to local people to meet, from beaches to dip in to  mystical temples to bow down to, the island has a laid back atmosphere, is wholesome, and is  stunning – both in its views as well as in it feels. Rice fields spanning across the islands, alluring sunsets every AM, sunny all around, beaches and nautical experiences – for all moods, a deep rooted  culture, geographical richness of diverse kinds and the profuse spiritual essence, all chip in to make  trip to Bali a must and very unforgettable one. You can visit the island for a grammable picture at the  Gates of Heaven, or to learn to surf or for a deep dive into the waters or a peaceful yoga sesh among  the greens, or cute café hopping or to freaking swing above the lush forests, or to simply chill and  Bali will not disappoint. 

Best Time to visit? April to October is a good time to enjoy Bali in pleasant weather and no heavy  rains. 

Ideal duration of Stay? To really submerse in Bali’s beauty, a good 10-14 days long stay is ideal.  

Ko Samui, Thailand 


Hills, beaches, waterfalls, temples, gardens, Koh Samaui has got it all. In fact a whole airport too.  (Yes, a private airport!) Second most visited island of Thailand, Koh Samui or Ko Samui, is filled with  both natural and manmade beauty and has its own unique charm. Palm trees dancing to the wind, coastline covered with white sand beaches, crystal clear water playing kabaddi along the shore,  Lamai and Chaweng are two very loved and happening beaches of the island. Giving beaches’ beauty  a close fight are the Buddhist temples – Big Buddha shrine being the shiniest of them all, the  cascading Namuang Waterfall – plunging over the purple rocks, elephant treks to the safari parks and  breathtaking viewpoints such as the Wat Rattanakosin or the Khao Hua Jook Pagoda. Another widely  visited are the genital-shaped rocks Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, also known as the grandfather and  grandmother rocks, setting anyone up for a good laugh. With these, the streets of Koh Samui home  great markets for fun and vibrant night strolls, shopping spree and yummiest of the Thai cuisine.  

Best Time to visit? December to February and March to May are two great periods to experience  the wonderful island. 

Ideal duration of Stay? A 4 days long trip is good enough to have a relaxing yet adventurous stay at  the Koh Samui.     

Jeju Island, South Korea 


(This one’s for the kdrama lovers! Shh, we are one) 

Created out of a disaster years ago, Jeju is a pictures postcard brought to life. Nicknamed as the  ‘Hawaii of South Korea’ Jeju offers breathtaking natural beauty – the sandy beaches, the lush green  terrain, cascading waterfalls, hundreds of volcanos and more, around the year and very beautifully  complimented by every season. Away from the bustle and noise, Jeju has a nonchalant vibe. The  island offers a plethora of activities such as hiking the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, to catch an awe strucking view of the morning sun and the amazing women divers or scuba diving to see the  beautiful corals. Among the top Jeju spots are the majestic Cheonjiyeon falls with crystal clear water,  the Seonmgyo Bridge spanning across it, the stone grandpa statues, the largest lava tubes – Manjanggul Caves, the very cool Jungmum Lava Columns, the adult only erotic themed park – Love  Land and more. All of this and more, combined with finger-licking fresh seafood, Korean BBQ and  alluring cherry blossoms makes Jeju an absolute dream!    

Best Time to visit? Spring months – March to early April as well as Winter months – November to  February are best preferred to enjoy the island’s elegance. 

Ideal duration of Stay? A 3 nights/4 days stay is optimal to soak into Jeju’s waters and feels. 

Our list may end here, but Asian attractions don’t! 

Thank you for flying with us, we hope you have a great day/night/vacay ahead! 


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