Asian beauty secrets that will make your skin say thank you.

It is no secret that Asians, precisely the east ones, have the best skin (no opinions, straight up facts). Now as you read to the very end, the secrets behind their amazing, glass like, shiny, smooth af skin won’t be secrets either. 

Skincare to the East Asians is no today’s concept. It has existed for thousands of years now and they have been and still take it very seriously (and it’s high that we should too!). And hence, digging up the multiple steps Asian skin regime, we have compiled for you a list of some ingredients, some habits, some products, (ofc only planet friendly, as promised!) to up your skin game, get you that skin without Ig filters and above it all, give you the healthy skin you deserve for hued believes skincare is self-care.

▪ Rice Water

While you cook rice once a day, like any other Asian household, we ask you to stop throwing the water you rinse/cook it with, down the drain. Replace the sink with skin! Rice soaked water has been used by Korean and Japanese men and women for ages now. And not only on the face but also the hair, hence the thick and long hair. It is rich in nutrients and starch and helps with – 

– Skin Ageing

– Skin Brightening

– Skin Damage

– Enhancing Skin Texture

How? Easiest way is to soak the uncooked (thoroughly washed) rice in water for about 30 minutes or for as much long as you can and simply use it. Even better, if you can ferment it for over a night or two.

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▪ Jade Rollers + Sculpting Tools

Even if you are hearing these for the first time, you definitely must have seen them before. These jade rollers and Gua Sha tools are everywhere on Instagram and in the hands of every beauty influencer, and let us tell you why. These currently – in trend rollers date back centuries and come from Chinese gates. These tools with healing properties in their stones basically keep your face’s blood circulation going, enhance the lymphatic drainage, and help reducing morning puffiness, face lines and wrinkles.

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▪ Turmeric

Another ingredient, available right in the masala box of every Indian kitchen, is Turmeric or as we call it Haldi. Hear us out, no more wait for your wedding day to put haldi on your skin! Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory, anti-microbal and antioxidant components, and if included in everyday skincare can help —

– Even Skin Tone and bring Natural Glow

– Heal Wounds and Acne Scars

– Reduce Pigmentation, Lines and Wrinkles

How? Simply put a teaspoon of honey, turmeric in a tablespoon of milk or yogurt and your face turmeric latte is ready! 

Caution: Turmeric stains are hard to remove, so avoid putting it on for too long and white tees!




▪ Dry Brushing

Time to brush! And no, not teeth this time. Centuries old hack, dry brushing, simply as the name suggests is gently brushing your body with a firm and bristled body brush. The idea behind it is that it exfoliates the skin and helps remove dead skin and dirt. It further enhances the blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system. It may also help with wrinkle and cellulite reduction.

Caution: You need to be careful in choosing the brush as well as when it comes to brushing. The brush must of the right kind and the brushing must be gentle.


▪ Green Tea

Now we know how much you like your adrak wali chai(ginger tea) but this one really does wonders and not just for the skin. Originally made from Camellia leaves, any cup of green is filled with caffeine, L-theanine, polyphenolic compound EGCG, basically all long-spelled, extremely beneficial antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties that help improve overall wellbeing of the heart and the brain, and the hero of the discussion here – Skin. Drinking green tea in general, or including it in your skincare regime can –

– Sooth Skin (and mind)

– Reduce hyperpigmentation

– Help with Acne, Oily Skin

– Prevent Aging and Skin Damage

– Boost Hydration

How? Simply drinking green tea once or twice a day can do the work. Other way is to use products containing the magic ingredient. Here are the ones we find the best:




▪ Tap Dance on your Face!

Not just what you apply but also how you apply it matters equally. While majority of us have been rubbing products on our faces, Japanese skin gurus suggest otherwise. They believe patting is gentler, and hence less damaging too and further encourages better, more quick absorption as compared to conventional rubbing which can lead to irritation and damaging, especially if done incorrectly/harshly. In addition to this, patting improves blood circulation as well as helps with puffiness. And above all, is way more relaxing and allows one to really enjoy the skincare self time.

Now that you have the magical mantras of the ultimate skincare gurus, give your skin (and self) a long break (a goodbye?) from all skin care tricks given by the beloved neighbour-aunty, and hug these right rituals that actually work and trust us, your skin will thank (hug) you back!

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