Autumn Arrival: 2021 Fall Fashion Trends to look forward to!

We may be discussing trends here, but don’t you worry, only sustainable stuff ahead! Yay, we like!.

No, you’re not reading it wrong, Summer’s last season, and we are now actually, officially talking Fall! Time really is an illusion.

A season dear to every fashion forward person, autumn fashion never not makes us fall for it. Loads of layers, painted in neutral tones, sweater paws, topped with accessories, the season is no trick and an absolute treat, for not only the ones flaunting fashion but also the watchers. While these may be perpetual season staples, every year brings a bunch of new, different, some loved before, some fresh out of the oven, eye catching – eyebrow raising trends and pieces. Safe to say autumn doesn’t ever disappoint and is every single time on point!

Now, coming to this very season, I see some show stoppers and head turners! Eager to see them? Scroll through! And if you’ve been around here before you already know I won’t leave you with mere inspiration. (Duh!) So expect to find fine pieces, all according to the trends, sustainable, handpicked by HUED and none harmful for the planet. 

Tailored Top Up 

A look that exudes nothing but absolute power, an all tailored look is a safe bet to give off a fine first impression. One that won’t quite be forgotten for long! While layering is an autumn mandatory, it takes a powerful turn when we are just talking tailored. Androgynous in essence, fine fit, polished and chic outlook, layering tailored over tailored begets a high end street look. It demands no add on accessories, just a strong gaze, smile and confidence!

Handpicked by HUED: Power Jacket –

Brand Highlight: Organic / Recycled / Zero Waste Fabrics / Fair Trade / Plastic Free Packaging and Production

Handpicked by HUED: Safia Skirt – Two Days Off

Brand Highlight: Carbon Neutral / Sustainable / Ethical / Small Batch Production / Woman Owned / Reusable and 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Packaging  


Handpicked by HUED: Tapered Tailored Pants NU-IN

Brand Highlight: Total Transparency / Sustainable / 95% Upcycled Textiles / Responsible Packaging


Knit Bit

Not new to this season or year, or the previous or the 90s(!!), knitwear is an oldie but goodie. While the 90s hero knit designs, just like other 90s hit trends, have made a successful comeback, the horizons of knitwear have well expanded, with new style and staples ushering in non-stop. The knit lull phase couldn’t survive no longer and now has the everyone to Gen Z obsessed with it. Ah, it’s back and how!

Handpicked by HUED: Casey Cardigan Stone – Mother Of Pearl

Brand Highlight: Actively focusing on Sustainability / Natural and Organic Fabrics / Plant Bases Packaging Materials


Handpicked by HUED: LOUNA Hand Knitted Cardigan – Lenvers

Brand Highlight: Seasonless Pieces / Slow Fashion / Environment Friendly or Low Imapct Fabrics / Ethical


Handpicked by HUED: The Wool Pants Ecru -The Slow Label

Brand Highlight: Sustainable Materials / Transparent / Slow Fashion, Capsule Collections


Crop Stop 

Jumping to another number, which may sound SS (Spring Summer) but is an AW (Autumn Winter) rage. Well, actually a year round star! Stretching beyond the top arena, cropped now comes in various different identities – blazers, jackets, cardigans (top aw favs!) and more as well as fabrics, and is an ongoing hit number. Cropped anything can be as powerful, as cosy, as fun as you want it to be.

Handpicked by HUED: Caterina Open Knit Sweater – Reformation

Brand Highlight: Mostly sustainable / Low Impact Materials or Reduced Deadstock Fabrics or Repurposed Vintage Clothing


Handpicked by HUED: Monge Denim Biker – The R Collective

Brand Highlight:  Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle fabrics / Work with NGO to Manage Waste 


Handpicked by HUED: Cropped Wrap Blazer – Cue

Product Highlight: Part of ‘Cue Cares’ Range – Sustainable Fabric, Minimised environmental Impace


 Spring Bequeathed  

Now spring-summer season may have left but didn’t leave no traces. Nudes and neutrals may have been ruling fall for long, but this season they may not be the only obvious choice for autumn colour palates. Pastels, bold and vibrant colours hues are being adored – be it cardigans, dresses, jewellery, coats, you name it! Guess fall fell for colourful summer blooms!

Handpicked by HUED: Ennis Trenchcoat – Stefani Vaidani

Brand Highlight: Organic and 99% Sustainable Fabrics / Vegan Leather

Handpicked by HUED: Wilder Wrap Midi Dress Paper Daisy-Tasi Travels

Brand Highlight: Natural Fabrics / Sustainable / Transparent 


Handpicked by HUED: Stacey Gold Necklace – KaroKoru

Brand Highlight: Sustainable / Recycled, Repurposed or Dead Stock Material, Minimised Environmental Impact / Recycled and Recyclable Packaging 


Paint it Patterns and Prints 

Prints and patters are another trend that are making space in the closets and hearts of the mass. The AW runways have been full of animal, plaid, checkered, florals, strips wild, bold, abstract and a lot more, basically all kinds prints. This is one of the amazing way the said colors are being brought into the picture. Different prints and patters can aid you to create statement appearance, level up your fashion game without more pieces or efforts.

Handpicked by HUED: La Reve Blazert – Stefania Vaidani

Brand Highlight: Organic and 99% Sustainable Fabrics / Vegan Leather


Handpicked by HUED: Glencheck Coat – Lanius

Brand Highlight: Organic / Sustainable and Biological Materials / Vegan Collection / No Plastic & Climate Neutral Initiative / Efforts towards Sustainability 


Handpicked by HUED: Long Shirt: Alsafi – No Nasties

Brand Highlight: Organic / Fair Trade / Vegan


Puff, please!

The puffer jackets and coats have entered the chat. Now alongside serving more than the very practical purpose of keeping one warm, puffer outwears are serving looks. Their runways appearances have been quite a banger. These are big and loud, can be dressed up or down, and in either case, sure are hard to be missed.

Handpicked by HUED: The ReNew Long Puffer – Everlane

Brand Highlight: Ethical / Transparent / Low Impact Products / Focus on Waste Reduction / Sustainable Goals / No New Plastic Commitment / 100% Recycled Plastic of FSC Certified Paper Packaging


Handpicked by HUED: The Down Wrap Jacket – The Curated

Brand Highlight: Sustainability and Slow Fashion Focused / Transparent / Naturally Sourced Fibres 


Handpicked by HUED: The Skyline Reversible Bomber-Frank & Oak

Brand Highlight: Towards Sustainability, Carbon Neutrality / Recyclable Packaging / Recycled Tags and Paper Receipts / Waste Reducing Initiative “Let’s Give A Shi(r)t” 


The Bag Banter 

Bags this season have left behind their title of being a mere accessory, and have successfully bagged being the main thing, and I am here for it! This while, the designs have been anything but basic. Quilted, puffed, very mini, oversized, chain handles, textured, shoulder pads, neon colored, ah could go on and on. Be it totes, clutches, shoulder bags, a crossbody, currently are all raging and a big vibe.  

Handpicked by HUED: Banbu Collection: Shoulder Bag – Von Holzhausen

Brand Highlight: Vegan / Low Carbon Footprint / Ethical / Fair Wages / Minimum Waste / Recycled, Upcycled / Non Toxic / Gives Back / Cruelty Free


Handpicked by HUED: Juno Vegan
Tote Black  –   Nanushka

Brand Highlight: Responsible / Efforts towards Sustainability  


Handpicked by HUED: Convertible Wallet Belt Bag in Camello Raffia – HFS Collective

Brand Highlight: Sustainable / Ethical / Animal and Earth Friendly 


So that’s what fall 2021 looks like to us but it doesn’t have to be that way, in fact it shouldn’t. As we as a collective try to move towards a greener world, and sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to not give in to trends and encourage fast fashion practices. This or any list of trends solemnly intends to bring to you style inspiration and timeless new pieces you can add to your capsule wardrobe. (ALSO READ: Capsule Wardrobe 101:


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