Because Change starts at Home: Sustainable Home Decor Brands

After a year in pandemic, and several months in lockdown, you, just like us, must have gotten bored at home, sitting on that same sofa for WFH meetings, staring at that same empty wall, watching that very clock tick to pass time, from drinking the dalgona coffee to now drinking bubble tea in that very same mason jar and more. 

We know you need a change, just like us. And so here we are, at your service. Now we can’t make the virus go (oh, how we wish we could), but we sure can help you give your place a lovely makeover. Something better than nothing, right?

Now if you know us, you probably know we won’t bring you names of the big old home decor junctions that make stuff with unstainable, toxin materials and pack them dramatically in plastic. *eye roll*

So forwarding our ‘sustainable living’ agenda, here’s a list of small and big businesses offering some great picks to spruce up your place and help it give em’ Parisian or London vibes or wherever you wish you could be!


Mianzi offers a bamboo built collection, that is both eco-friendly and aesthetic. They aim at altering the way sustainability is associated with ‘going without’, is often belittled, and work towards coming up with products that attain both competitive edge in the market whilst reaping benefits for the environment. We feel like we are in Santorini and absolutely can’t resist!!

Handpicked by Hued:

Ripples Home

With big love for greens, Ripples Home combine mindful living with earthy sophistication as they bring a range of luxe planters to compliment the interior aesthetics of the homes. In addition to their not so basic planters made by skilled artisans, they take steps towards sustainability by planting a tree on every purchase. (We love to hear!)

Handpicked by Hued:


Intended to diversity and tastefulness, Fabuliv endeavours to merge classic with contemporary and create omnichannel furniture and decor items of everything in vogue. They take ideas, material, inspirations and artistry from around the country and bring premium pocket (yay!) and environment friendly furnishings.

Handpicked by Hued:

Anantaya Décor

With a pledge to preserve traditional crafts and skilled local artisans, Anantaya Décor proceeds to create impact via its contemporary-Indian infused exo-luxe designs and products. We say they are perfect to give your home a desi touch!

Handpicked by Hued: 

Orange Tree

Orange Tree serves a myriad of soulfully crafted pieces of furniture and home decorations that aim to  boast the euphoria of visuals and add up to the brilliance of varied aesthetics. The collection feels tropical and perfectly gives a at home-vacay like vibes!

Handpicked by Hued:


Oorja is one of the first artisanal studios in the country, that brings artisans-crafted collection of lightings, made with love in a Green building, committed to save more energy than they use. The entire range has a rustic appearance and is packed in functional modernity.

Handpicked by Hued: 


Beruru embraces the nature and the plants, in every way possible, and brings products to bed them in your home in a chic and semi contemporary way.

Handpicked by Hued: 

Mishcat Co (Rugs)

Vibrant in appearance, traditional at heart, sustainable in nature, Mishcat Co wishes to change the world one rug at a time. The rugs are made from up cycling leftover silk sari scraps and, by independent artisans and weavers. They describe their creations as unique and beautiful and we can’t agree more!

Handpicked by Hued: 


Saphed lives to bring back the romance for linen and offers a range of all linen products in beautiful-bright hues that celebrate sustainability, renewal and craftsmanship.

Handpicked by Hued: 

The Second Wind

The Second Wind converts old into gold and we love to see it! It packs the old fashion designs in modern sensibilities to bring people a range of vibrant colored pieces, good enough to brighten up your home and mood at every sight!

Handpicked by Hued: 


Ellementry makes an attempt to combine nature and tradition to handmade beauty. It offers awe-s-trucking Indian artistry of the international standard. The believe in creating stuff that not only looks but also feels good and we believe there’s nothing topping that.

Handpicked by Hued: 


Nicobar brings a plethora of products with the aim to give a modern peck to the Indian ways. They run on natural materials and to slow down trend-driven, fast fashion. They present their collection on the theme of the oceans and waters and looks too light, delicate and beautiful to take eyes off from! (Evidently)

Handpicked by Hued: 


Cyahi stands on the pillars of sustainability and good quality and slow pace. Its entire range ensures minimum to zero waste, hand made for the good of people and planet. The pieces have soft and delicate designs and prints that are eye-pleasing and ooze only love.

Handpicked by Hued: 

My OnEarth

MyOnerath is a big (BIG) store of all things green. It provides a plethora of products (literally has everything!) that are handcrafted, planet friendly and plastic free. Its extremely diverse product range comes in varied designs, colors and styles, to suit every mood and vibe. 

Handpicked by Hued: 


With nature at heart, Nimboo vouches modern living and brings a beautiful blend of french aesthetic and Indian craftsmanship. It works towards reducing waste produced by using the Indian temple flowers that are thrown into the river to dye all their linens. Nimboo offers products made out of raw materials like khadi and more, that look and feel as fresh as Nimboopani!

Handpicked by Hued: 


Bahcane, as the name suggests, serves an all bamboo and rattan collection of furniture, specializing in blending armchair and fabric. It mixes design and utility and offers minimalistic and clean finish pieces.  

Handpicked by Hued: 

Mirzapur Rugs

Finding its roots in heritage, Mirzapur Rugs bring a high quality rug collection that is modern and contemporary in appearance yet traditional in its essence. From very minimalistic to all over print pieces, it has it all.

Blank Slate Home

Another in our list is Blank Slate Home offering us all old times like florals in soothing shades, giving us em’ lovely vintage summery vibes.

Handpicked by Hued: 

A Tiny Mistake

To promote handmade products, generate employment amongst artisans, promote Indian art and after a shitzu , A Tiny Mistake birthed. It brings a collection of handmade, one of a kind, long lasting colorful bohemian pieces that are good for every home and even better for the environment.

Handpicked by Hued: 

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