Bored of WFH? VFH Instead!: Here’s how you can Vacayyy at Home!

One (not so) fine while a virus spread over, declared a pandemic and boom! all are plans turned into a question mark. While we all were unsure of all things including when the pandemic will get over, things will get normal and better, there was one hard(breaking) truth we all knew at heart – No travel, not now nor anytime soon. 2 summers later, still sure of this. Things may have been opening up one after another, but travel still is far behind in the queue. (India)

Now to be reminded this while in the middle of WFH, Work from Home, isn’t the loveliest thing I know, (my apologies, but hear me out!) but that’s exactly why I am writing this to you. No no, not to upset you more, but turn the scenario and your mood upside down (up*) and spin it 360 degrees (aye wohoo)!

Let’s get started. Before we discover the ‘how to’, let’s go flip through some theory. 

The terms ‘vacation’ and ‘travel’, though used correlated a lot and paint a common image in the minds, hold two different meanings. This may be textbook but is often forgotten.

To travel basically means going places, discovering new corners and streets, learning about cultures, meeting people, and so much more. 

Vacation on the other hand is about you. Central themes for this one are relaxation, breaking through the monotonous everyday routine, having fun, letting free and again so much more. 

Now travel can feel like a vacation but vacation doesn’t have to be about travel. (I know that’s how you or even I would like it, but owing to the circumstances, now ain’t the right time.)

And this (topped with months of WFH) brings us to the concept of and very much calls for a Staycation! The word may have had historic references but it has only got the buzz in the recent years, well now more than ever. It ditches the idea of having to travel in order to vacay and pairs up the idea of vacationing and staying (at the place). 

Reading “no travel” may bum you out and well yeah nothing tops Paris or the Amalfi Coast but this ain’t as bad as you may think. Scroll through to find ideas to make yours so!

Hop on a Theme!

Just like how different places have different moods and vibes, including the clothes, the music, the food, and the rest of the stuff, set on a theme or two or a new one for each day and go around it. For instance, if you pick say the said example of Amalfi coast for Monday, let there be more sunbathing, balcony breakfasts, pasta nights, tropical juices, bright summer clothes, 90s rom coms like Only You (1994) and more. Shift on to croissants, bottles of red wine, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (2006) or Queen (2013) for the next.

This could be when you crave to be transported to a European country or other but there more options too, say Self-Care for example. Let your whole day be about you and pampering you. Make some bubble baths, lit up em candles, do a at-home mani-pedi, put on some face masks, play the most soothing tunes or have a spa day in your robe. Literally anything you like!   

Set things up!

This is taking it a step higher. You must have seen many cute and aesthetic ideas, moodboards and wallpapers. (Pinterest or Tumblr and you’ll exactly what I’m talking about.) There’s possibly no better time to bring them alive. Prepare yourself a set up! You are just a Pinterest search away from amazing ideas and inspiration. Fairy lights, sheets, throws and cushions, comfort food, projector, candles, flowers, ahh feel it yet? (I do!) These are easier than they look, and nothing you will need that you won’t already have. Basically a little more effort, and a lot more fun and memories. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Picnics + Book + Baguette
  • Fort + Movie Marathon
  • Terrace Camp + Stargazing
  • Balcony Bed Nights + Fav Series Run

Let every meal be a cheat meal / FOOD FOOD FOOD

That’s pretty straight and it. Enjoy all meals, truly. Go all out — order in or cook something yourself. Forget about the carb or the calorie count for this while. Find in new menus or your neighborhood cafes or try a new cuisine, or give some famous YouTube tutorials or viral TikTok dishes a shot and more. Just make sure the food you eat during this VFH excludes your everyday food or dishes. 

On this title, your food doesn’t necessarily have to be all junk or carbs. If your version of amazing food is a healthier one, then be it so. Simply try and have a not every day/routine menu and only things that you love and enjoy the most.   

Dig in into Art of all sorts

Often in the city lights and work life rush, we miss out on getting our creativity explored. Art is a very important part of life, and so let this staycation have you re-realize so. 

Try to surround yourself or include some form of art in your days or nights! You could be active with it like painting a canvas or doodling, or passive like reading books, registering for a virtual museum visit and more. 

You can also get your hands on some long left hobbies. Dancing? Singing? Knitting? Journaling? All of it and more! The key is to fill your time with only things that make your heart happy and that you struggle to make time for every day.  

Click and ‘gram 

Well what’s a vacay without an amazing full of memories and cute pictures filled gallery? So don’t refrain yourself from taking tons of pictures! Of that delish pasta, the french wine, the book of the day, the series you’re binging, the aesthetic décor you did, the fresh nails update, your #ootd (even if it’s a rob), and all things in between. And don’t shy away from sharing it with the world on the ‘Gram for you’ll for sure have your following sulking of FOMO!

House Rules

Though the entire idea of this vacay revolves around being carefree and no rules and YES fun!, there are a few basic yet very mandatory ones: 

  • Disconnect

Try to spend less time socializing or rather wasting scrolling through Facebook and more on actually enjoy your own self or whatever company you have. Let your phone only escape your pocket when you got moments to capture. Be there, present in every moment of the day. Replies to friends can wait a few days!


You read it. Now read that again. No matter how much of a workaholic you are, put an absolute on your work. A complete, very strong, difficult to undo kind of stop. Let your organization / boss / colleagues any and every work people know about your DND days Submit an application beforehand to avoid tensions at work. And respect your vacay, don’t cave in at any work call. (Question yourself: if you were to be in a cute London café, would you have taken the job? No, no? Here you have your answer.)

  • Take it easier than easy, have fun

The most important one, don’t forget to have fun, and relax your mind, heart and body as much as you can, make memories, eat your fav food, and all things more. 

Not only does the idea of VFH make beautiful memories, give you the much needed mental and physical break but also refreshes you to get back to the routine and WFD all un-frustrated, distressed, happier and content.   


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