But first, breakfast: Most delish recipes for the Most Important Meal

The Most Important Meal of the day’ This probably won’t be your first time hearing this. You must have been force fed this phrase alongside your breakfast (as you sat on your dining with half closed eyes) by your mum every time you showed tantrums in waking up and eating. Every household has witnessed this morning scene. And we wish to tell you that your mom’s right (like always!). Here’s why.

The word Breakfast comes by putting together break + fast. It literally means breaking the night long observed fast post dinner (unless you are munching some snacks at midnight while writing an article :p). Breakfast fuels one for the day ahead. Studies reveal having breakfast, and a proper one, jump starts metabolism, prevents lethargy, and other feelings of restlessness, irritation, tiredness by providing good energy. It also helps maintain healthy sugar levels and keeps risks of diabetes at bay. Not only this, it also helps with weight management and prevents the chances of being overweight.

We believe these bunch of benefits must have convinced you about 50% to have a good breakfast. Don’t worry we’ve got a plan for the other half too! 

Presenting to you some mouth-watering breakfast recipes by the best that will convince you beyond that hundred percent and will make you jump right out of your bed and onto the table every dawn. 

So get your aprons on and let’s dine-in!

A not-so-classic Cereal


Lindsey’s Maca Cacao Puff Cereal gives you a quick break from the regular cereal bowl and granola and brings you a simple, easy to make everyday breakfast alternative. It’s crunchy and brings together a great pair of maca and cacao. One can have it with almond milk, sliced bananas, toasted pepitas, or seeds of choice, or dry out of the jar, or even to top some ice cream!

Lindsey S. Love resides in LA and on her blog Dolly and Oatmeal shares easy to make at home approachable gluten-free, seasonal recipes. 

Focaccia Fiasco


Marta believes breakfast should be easy and delicious and that’s exactly what her Green Breakfast Focaccia is except that it also very beautiful. The recipe is super easy, with no fancy fuzz and a great option when you want to simply enjoy a quick baking break in the middle of the week or on a lazy Saturday.

Marta Greber answers our everyday question ‘ What Should I Eat for Breakfast ‘ through her blog. She says she loves herself a good breakfast and travels from time to time.

Rolls King


Liren brings a sweet Filipino flavour to our mornings and we can’t stop drooling at it, oh what a purple beauty. These Coconut Ube Rolls feature purple yam jam and other everyday ingredients. It is simple but oh so fun to make, absolutely perfect for Sundays or off days’ baking therapy. 

Liren, a wife, a mom, is a friend (confidante) we knew we always needed and oh how glad we are to meet her and her yum treats. She shares her recipes and stories and makes many buds smile through her blog Kitchen Confidante.

Wrap n Roll


Marina shares her fav go to Vegan Breakfast Burrito. It’s a flexible, very easy recipe that one can make with any veggies available and of choice. She makes them with loads of greens – spinach and avocado and they look nothing short of sunshine on plate. 

Marina Delio is a mama of 2 girls, some pets and a blog- Yummy Mummy Kitchen. She’s brings healthy plant based recipes for the entire family and all eaters.

Quesadilla to make your Dil (heart) happy!


Melissa brings her Vegan Breakfast Quesadillas to break the stereotype about boredom that surrounds vegan foods and we love to see it (and eat it!). She combines sautéed veggies, tofu eggs, melted cheese in perfection and yeah tortillas too. The recipe is open and super flexible for customization, hence an absolute winner with all substitutes of your choice. It is a great serve for when you wish to take your mornings to the next flavors (and ofc, in easiest way possible)!  

Melissa Huggins loves to share vegan recipes and make taste buds happy, hence created her blog Vegan Huggs. She brings a variety of recipes – veganized comfort classics, that are simple yet delicious and for all.

Orange Affair


Kristina describes her Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Bowl as creamy and dreamy and we can’t agree more. The recipe is a fancy treat to the buds while the ingredient list is short and readily available. Absolutely healthy and super good for the immune system, this one makes a perfect romantic breakfast in bed for refreshing mornings.

A sports dietitian and mama of 3, Kristina LaRue is passionate about food and fitness. She curates and shares amazingly delicious and practical recipes and manageable tips on modern motherhood, all on her blog Love & Zest.

A FRUITful Feast


Ofc we are not ending summer and this list without a smoothie and you can credit Brittany’s Avocado Mango Smoothie for that. It is all things cool, refreshing and creamy with a dash of lime, all making it a perfect blend (quite literally) for the season.  

Brittany Mullins, the face behind Eating Bird Food, is a nutritionist and prefers all things healthy. She loves and works towards helping people live a holistic healthy life and become their best selves.

We thank and give you a round of applause if you made it to this very last line and resisted running to the kitchen to make one from this very irresistible list. While sourcing through recipes, we aimed to not only bring the most delicious ones but also ones that are easy and practical and we hope it feels the same to you. Brb for now, gotta make one for myself, can’t resist no more!


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