De-defining Fit, Debunking Myths:

Similar to a (many) previous article(s), let me make a (very right) assumption. When you read ‘fit’ and other words and phrases like, ‘body goals’, ‘summer body’, ‘hot bod’ and more, what your mind first goes off to picture are sizes such as 7-8 or say at max about a 10, no? And further a very specific body type/figure/structure. 

Even if your mind doesn’t (KUDDOS! if so) many people’s does. The collective eyes and perspective stands true and upon the story above narrated.

Now why is this a problem? (yes, it is a problem)

It is problematic and more so distressing because we together have furthered apart ‘fit’ from healthy, coupling it with certain numbers, 36-24-36s and more. This is how it has been for a long while now, resulting in many young minds and bodies living by it and often starving themselves off of ‘food’ and honestly life.

What we may perceive as a stunning and a very ideal body, often the one with curves minus the tummy rolls, flashing collarbones, toned thighs, (the checklist continues..) could be (not so) surprisingly unhealthy, and a result of deficiencies, medical – physical and mental issues, eating disorders, harsh diets and fasting, artificial enhancements, even photoshop in case of social media and countless more things. And what may not confine to the set rules, numbers and shapes may be moving, exercising, eating just right and healthy. It could be at its fittest self and still not look anything like the one in the books. (Yes, for real)

Why? Because ‘Fit’ looks different on everybody and every body. And this is not just a positive empowering inclusive mindset that I am trying to vouch, but one backed with reasoning and biology. Bone weight, muscles, body built, hormones, genes, basic body functionality, habits, and more, all impact and determine how a body will look or ever be. So no matter the efforts put in to magically alter a body into a certain version, they won’t quite add up as desired.

All the more, a healthy body isn’t merely a summation of all things physical and visible. It stretches beyond looks and is so much (SO MUCH) more than what’s for the eyes to view. The ‘healthy’ in a body talks mental status, holistic nourishment, sleep situation, stress levels, energy quotient, mindset, everyday bodily movement, and more similar things. And I guarantee no measuring tape or scale can count these for you.

Way ahead? These perceptions and definitions have been force fed to us by widely loved public figures, blockbuster movies, social media influencers, self-claimed fitness gurus and freaks, society’s orthodox thinking, labels, not very pleasant compliments, feedbacks, unwelcomed advices and more, almost very unconsciously over a good long period of time. 

Despite things being so, for a good while, we are now more than ever, awakening and making friends with truest idea of fitness, healthy and self-love. More and more people are joining the collective to do their individual bits and, are bringing and empowering ‘real’ bodies on social media and something we hope in real lives too. A recent example is the #stylenotsize tend making buzz on Tiktok and Instagram. 

While many are doing their bits, bit by bit, and a big change is in works we still have a long road ahead of us. 

The first step towards which is to unlearning. Unlearn the idea of ideal bodies. The finest, healthiest version of your body is and should be your body goals. That is the only #hotbod you must ever want to dream and work towards achieving. Only after biding bye to the old can we invite a new mindset, a healthier one.

Next? Redefining. Redefine what healthy, fit, sexy looks like for and on you. What may be fit for him/her/they, may not be the case for you, and vice versa. And that’s so okay and ideal. This also justifies why comparing bodies is baseless and simply disrespecting your own.  

This may be a long shot in trying to change the prolonged outlook of the society but I hope this stirs something in you and guides you towards a healthier, more acceptable and appreciative, and very importantly kinder viewpoint.


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