Editorial Policy

Editorial policy


At Hued magazine, we aim to support individuality and empower the reader to discover confidence and happiness through beauty. Our writers consult qualified and diverse resources to ensure a perfect context for our readers. Each article is reviewed and fact-checked by our experienced editors to maintain accuracy, efficiency, and relevance. 

We strongly oppose the use of unnamed sourcing as they can reduce the reader’s trust. Our content sometimes includes affiliate links that might allow us to receive a small payout at the end while you complete a purchase. But the payout will not in any way affect the quality and price of the product you purchase. We do not force sell a product and they are recommended only if we truly believe in their authenticity. Readers will be notified about sponsorships and brand partnerships in case of any. 

If you like to report an error or for further queries, you can email us at hello@huedlife.com.

Ethics policy 

Writers who contribute to Hued magazine are independent contributors who create content for Hued magazine, its affiliated sites, and email. The writers are compensated based upon the amount of content and through the page views of the content they write. Hued magazine requires its writers to maintain strict ethical standards and meet all the legal requirements disclosed by the Trade Commission of local authorities. The writers are responsible for complying with these standards and not Hued magazine. The writers are responsible for their content and by using this site they are subjected to the complete Terms of Use stated by us. 

Disclaimer policy 

The information available in Hued magazine is for common information purposes only. While we aim to keep the information updated and precise, we make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the website or the content published in them. Any dependence you place on these data and its credibility is completely at your own risk.

Under no circumstances will we be responsible or liable for any form of loss or damage that the user incurs, through issues like loss of data, and for-profits, arising out of the use of this website.

Under this website, you will have the ability to link with other websites which are not under the control of Hued magazine. Our site has no control over the content nature and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily mean we recommend or support the ideas expressed by their sites.

Continuous efforts are placed to make the website up and run smoothly.  But Hued magazine takes no responsibility for the website crash and being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues that are completely beyond our control.

 Terms of Use

Updated April 2nd 2021

  • Overview 

Hued magazine and its affiliated sites are owned and operated privately, Inc, and access to the site is subject to various terms and conditions. 

  • Hued magazine owns all the information published on the site with no limitations. We have the right to modify, suspend and discontinue any part of the site under required circumstances. 
  • Hued magazine has the complete right to run the website based upon its terms. Users will not interfere in the basic operations of the site through any software, hacking, or viruses. 
  • Users are responsible for maintaining the digital equipment that provides access to this site. This condition is applied for all types of hardware and software charges related to the user. 
  • Disclaimer

Any information published on the site for informational purposes is available on an ‘as is’ basis by the user’s sole risk. Hued magazine shall not be held responsible for any inconsistencies in the linked website or its content. The users are solely responsible for reading, verifying, and using the information to meet their requirements. 

  • Update policy

We at Hued magazine have the right to alter the Terms of Use from time to time based upon the updates in the digital world. Customers can check on the pages regularly for any updates. The changes will be displayed on the site and they are effective from the time they are updated. With continuous usage of the site after the update, you are accepting the terms and policies by default. 

  • Privacy policy 

Our privacy policy provides further information on the data collection policies and how they are used by Hued magazine Further details can be read below for more information. 

  • Licence to our intellectual property

Any information, images, videos, music, names, and logos published on our site are the properties of Hued magazine. Any such content can be used for the personal knowledge of the users, but cannot be modified, reproduced, or published without any prior permission from Hued magazine. We offer you the right to use the site for non-commercial purposes only. 

  • Reliance on information on the site

Hued magazine allows the readers to use the site for lawful purposes only. The readers and users should abide by the Terms of Use. By accepting our Terms, users agree to not use the site for, 

  • Any purposes that violate the local, state, and international law regulation.
  • For exploiting or behaving irrationally with human minors by exposing them to poor and inappropriate content and to ask for their personal information. 
  • To impersonate or duplicate any of our Hued magazine employees or any other person through the use of their personal information. 
  • To not scrape or use the data from the site for commercial, marketing, or enhancement purposes. 
  • Introduce any viruses or malware into the site that might affect the authenticity of the site and make it technologically harmful. 
  • To interfere with the proper working of the site and try to gain unauthorized access to the site. 
  • Copyright and trademark notices

Copyrights and permissions – The site contains copyrighted materials, trademarks, and other sources of information in the form of text, images, video, music, graphics, and sound. All the information displayed on the site is protected under copyright law. 

Use of content – The users can read and utilize the content presented on the site for information purposes only. They cannot modify, sell, upload or republish any of them in the upcoming future. 

Third-party links- The site contains third-party links to other websites and e-commerce sites. Hued magazine shall not be held responsible for any inconsistencies in the linked website or its content. The users are solely responsible for reading, verifying, and using the information to meet their requirements.

  • Transaction and Communication 

Our site permits the users to communicate with us in the communication areas like the Chat rooms, bulletin boards, comment sections, and Image areas. The users can actively participate and have an interaction with the site for lawful purposes only. By participating in these areas users agree to, 

  • The users cannot post any kind of inappropriate messages, threatening messages, and use obscene languages that can be subjected to criminal offence. 
  • Hued magazine can restrict or inhibit any user from participating in the communication area. 
  • The users are restricted from placing any advertisements without gaining permission from us. 
  • The users do not have the right to upload or post any type of third-party material without gaining permission from the required authorities on our website. The users will be responsible for any damages resulting from the infringement of copyright or proprietary rights by posting these third-party materials. 
  • Our team can monitor the participatory areas to determine compliance with the agreement. 
  • By agreeing to participate in our communication area you are providing us with a worldwide, royalty-free license to utilize the data posted on the communication space.
  • Registration and use of information

The personal details entered during registration should be true with no false registrations. 


Name & Passwords – The information on name and passwords should be clear. Users cannot impersonate another person with a duplicate email address and they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the passwords.


Personal information – All the information should be authentic and completed. False datas and inactive emails will lead to deactivation of your account.


All the personal information obtained from the users will be used by the site as per the guidelines mentioned in our privacy policy. 

  •  Email communication 


At Hued magazine all communications will be made through e-mail. The users can communicate with us through the registered email ID and vice versa. The personal information, if any, sent through the e-mail will be protected following the privacy policy set forth by us. 

  • Warranty disclaimer 



  • Subscriptions

At Hued magazine, we offer multiple subscription services and other types of paid services and products. The users availing of the subscription services should abide by certain terms and conditions. 

  • All the subscriptions will continue until the users provide the termination notice to our website. All the charges will be paid through credit card and the users can select the subscription plan and term according to their comfort. If the subscription includes the free trial period the card will not be charged until the trial period ends. 
  • We have the right to modify our fees and billing methods. Any changes or modifications that the site might undergo will be notified immediately through email and other modes of communication. 
  • Both the user and site have the right to terminate the agreement at any point in time. The users can terminate the agreement by sending a notice to us or by following the directions stated. 


Privacy policy 


Last updated on 02-04-21


At Hued magazine we are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.  When you visit our site and our services we appreciate your effort to trust your personal information with us. Understanding the importance we take the privacy policy very seriously. This policy explains in detail how your information collected through our services will be utilised and protected. 

  • What information do we collect?


When users register with Hued magazine, you voluntarily provide us with certain personal information. The information collected will solely depend upon your choice of features and subscription to the website. 


The information offered by you – We collect certain information like name, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, password, usernames, and other similar information. 


Payment data – If you wish to subscribe to our services the users have to enter the payment information including card details that will be accessed only with your permission. 

All the information offered by the users must be true and accurate. The user should also notify us of any changes in personal information in the upcoming future. 

  • Personal information policy


All the information collected through the website will be used for certain business purposes as described below. This personal information is essential to enter into a contract with you and it will be utilised only with your consent for compliance with our legal obligations. They are used for, 


  • Creating an account and login in within the account to process the performance of the contract.
  • To post testimonials with your name and city on the website pages. 
  • To request feedback from you and contact the user if necessary. 
  • To manage the accounts of the users and notify them about subscription termination date ad repayments.
  • To send market and promotional communications related to new products and offers introduced by us.
  • To provide a personalized service experience for the user.  

  • Security policy 


All the information offered by the users will be shared only under their consent in compliance with the legitimate laws. We aim to protect your rights by availing proper consent before utilising any information shared by the user. The data will be used only for meeting the legal requirements and to fulfil the terms of the contract. 

  • Cookies and tracking technologies


To offer better services we may use cookies and certain tracking Technologies to access the information. The cookies will be accessed only after obtaining proper permission from your side. Unless you consent the cookies will not be used in any other circumstances including third-party advertisements. 

  • Data collection and security


All the information collected from the user will be kept with us only until they are necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in the privacy notice. The information will be available with us until the users have an account with us. All the obtained information will be secured efficiently with proper technical security measures. We have implemented appropriate organisational security measures to protect the personal information we process. Even though we will do our best to protect the personal information the transmission of information to and from the web site is at your risk. The data can be accessed by the user only from a secure environment.


The users can request the personal information we gather from you and change the information or delete them depending upon the circumstances.


If you have any questions or comments about the notice you can Email us at hello@huedlife.com. 

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