Fashion Brands Nailing the ‘Best Out of Waste’ Game

Do you remember participating in the best out of waste competitions at school? (I do!) Even if you don’t, you must definitely have been a part of those, we all have. Guess some of us took the thing a little too seriously, well gratefully so! 

Fashion industry largely (almost singlehandedly) contributes to overflowing landfills, polluted air, plastic filled water waste generated and we, both the consumers and producers are at fault. While some of us may still not have realised this yet, many have! Not just that, these individuals have taken several steps forward to birth change. And the following brands are it.

Scroll through to meet 8 fashion brands that keep upcycling, sustainability and a healthier today and tomorrow at it’s very core, and, as the title reads, are absolutely nailing the Best out of Waste Game A.K.A are turning WASTE into WONDER!      

Real State Sustainable Jewellery

Handpicked by Hued: Real State Sustainable Jewellery

Behind the Brand: Simoni Bhansali

A Peak into the Brand: Simoni brings forth her love for design and nature, and adds value to waste in the form of Real State – a collection of limited edition stylish jewellery, dressed in upcycled marble and precious metals.



Handpicked by Hued: Nimboo

Behind the Brand: Saurabh Mahajan 

A Peak into the Brand: Saurabh, through Nimboo strings together French aesthetic and Indian craftsmanship to bring beautiful natural linens. Identifying his very responsibility to reduce waste and reflecting on it, he uses all natural or recycled raw material and Indian temple flowers that are often found thrown in the rivers to dye all the linens.    


Handpicked by Hued: Satat

Behind the Brand: Radhika Malhotra

A Peak into the Brand: Radhika brings stylish yet comfortable treats for your ears, fingers, neck, wrists and well, heart. The entire range of handcrafted statement pieces and jewellery of all sorts is all reclaimed teak wood and pigments extracted from natural elements like Gypsum, Indigo, Turmeric and Kohl.  


Handpicked by Hued: Paaduks

Behind the Brand: Jay and Jothsna Rege

A Peak into the Brand: The Rege duo walks towards a sustainable tomorrow in style and Paaduks and invites us all too. They join hands with the cobblers of Kurla to offer a collection made by upcycling discarded rubber – from old tyres, conveyor belts, and rubber mats cork and locally and ethically-sourced raw materials such as jute, cotton, and more.



Handpicked by Hued: LataSita

Behind the Brand: Meghna Nayak

A Peak into the Brand: Latasita is all things upcycled. Meghna’s Kolkata based design studio is always on a search for fabrics and sarees from countless wardrobes to recreate and give them a new look. Amongst LataSita’s endeavours is The Puja Pandal Saree Project where Meghna collected cloth from Kolkata’s Puja Pandals.

Doh Tak Keh

Handpicked by Hued: Doh Tak Keh

Behind the Brand: Juhi Melwani

A Peak into the Brand: Doh Tak Keh is a luxury street wear brand, for real – it actually is from the Streets! Juhi and her masterji often scroll through the streets to collect all materials that strikes their eyes (otherwise considered as waste.) and other stuff like packaging materials, plastic and discarded paper, studio leftover to upcycle and turn them into amazing wearables.  

Nothing New

Handpicked by Hued: Nothing New

Behind the Brand: Nolan Walsh

A Peak into the Brand: Keeping the ocean and Earth in mind, Nothing New makes shoes that not only are but also do good. The entire offering is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. From insoles to laces and everything between and aside – all upcycled plastic! Each pair measures up to 5.6 plastic water bottles, in addition to saving over 160 gallons of water.  


Handpicked by Hued: Vie

Behind the Brand: Vibitha Ida Edward and Vijaytha Edward

A Peak into the Brand: Two sisters from the ‘Button Makers’ family take the themes of upcycling, sustainability, and creativity Vie welcome you to witness Life Beyond Buttons as they present a range of sustainable handmade jewellery made out of used, discarded or natural buttons.

Not only is it commendable what these and many other brands are doing for the planet but going one step further, thinking so out of the box to offer nothing less in or compromising the style, the looks, and the feel deserves big bows! 

Whether you go by the title of customer or seller, either way, I hope this somewhere inspired you to do your part of the job in creating a (green) future.


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