HUES OF THE HOUR: Shades you Need to add to your Life this Season!

Spring’s here and so are we!

Regarded as the hour of birth, re-birth, awakening and all things new, Spring is a season adored by us and many. An azure sky – turning pink by the evening; resting behind – a bright yellow Sun, lush green grass and gardens, and flowers blooming in pastel hues at every corner, the season is one of colours and an absolute treat to the eyes.

While nature’s out there already doing its job of bringing colours all around you, Hued starts by doing it’s bit and brings to you the hues you need to add to your life, your home and you this season.

Colours are not what one merely sees but also something one feels. They affect emotions and carry the power to alter the everyday mood from eh to yay! And so we guarantee you a fresh-feeling, radiant-looking, ardour-filled ride as you scroll down.

Also don’t you worry, with the colours, we have also got you some recommendations to help you bring this palette to life. 

Be assured all that we bring to you is sustainable and absolutely and completely people and planet-friendly! 

Yellow Yellow, oh so Belo

With a subdued glow, softer appeal and muted twist to the bright summer yellow, this colour oozes both not-so-warm and yet-so-chill vibes. It feels easy, evokes a pleasant cheer in us and very much looks like happiness!

Get Your Green Right

A green glowing with high intensity and an electric essence is all that you need to spark up your spring days, just like this one. This shade feels refreshing and bright and has you mentally picnicking in the backyard on a lovely afternoon!

Sage is the Rage

Another green is on our hit list for the season and is this shade of sage. Arguably the most popular colour at the moment, this shade screams calm and class. With a slight tinge of grey and a minimalistic-chic appeal, it is a lovey hue for both – the neutral lovers as well as the neon pros.

La via en Rose

Another must have for the season is this poppin’ pink. A young-at-heart colour, this loud and vibrant pink is sure to pep up your dull day, any day. It reminds one of bubble-gum, candies and all things sweet. Signalling love and cuddles, this one’s a total heart stealer!

Lilac Attack

“Lilacs are May in essence.” said Jean Hersey and we couldn’t agree more. This violet shade portrays purity, utmost grace and innocence in their purest forms. It is aesthetically dreamy, feels tender and mellow, and can help restore tranquillity at first sight!

Orange on my Mind

Loud but not in-your-face, vibrant but not tacky, bold but sweet, this peppy hue is a season hit in our opinion. With a dawnlike tint, the colour feels fiery and fresh, perfectly complementing the themes of spring. It has an energetic spirit and a strong and striking appeal making it a hard-to-not-steal-attention hue.

No more feeling Blue

A cool shade that feels warm, this blue hue is our favourite on-the list! Carrying an ocean of freshness, it flows positive energy, and can help you relax and sooth out on your blue days. It feels breezy and beachy, just like a vacation by the sea, making it an absolute match for the season!

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