Spice up your Salad Situation

Does ‘yummy salad’ hold the second place in your list of funny oxymorons, of course after happily married)? Well you are not alone. Salads everywhere and since such great while have been badmouthed to be ‘boring’, ‘unfulfilling’, ‘bland’, ‘tasteless’ and more. Its like this whole false image they carry. But hey, so not true!

Salads today, with millions of recipes, ingredients, combinations and dressings, are the best choices for not only the body but also the buds! They are extremely healthy and nutritious, often effortless to make and oh, so darn pretty!

Having hard time believing this? Well, you are just a few scrolls away to being fully convinced and having your mouth watering!

Find as you scroll, some of the best salad recipes, curated deliciously by some of the most amazing chefs. 

Warning: These may be side dishes but will sure be the centre of attention every time you make them!  

Oh My Orgo

Pretty to eyes, like spring to soul, Gena’s Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad is a complete (taste)buds pleaser. With the zesty touch of lemon combined with light and pleasant herbs and veggies perfectly suits the spring-summer season. It’s quick and easy to make, contains whole lot of greens and is basically a total winner. 

After struggling with eating disorders throughout her teens, Gena Hamshaw discovered Veganism during her recovery. A registered dietician, she through her blog ‘ The Full Helping‘ makes an attempt to bring fun recipes that are made to bring both pleasure and nourishment.  

Hues of Green

Full of all hues of green, this Fennel Asparagus Salad, topped with roasted almonds and avocados is like spring served in a bowl. It’s super healthy and is filled with flavours up till brim. Its crunchy and lively, can be stored for a real long while! 

A food industry pro, Sylvia is a professional chef and a full time blogger. She serves a variety of whole foods and fresh recipes via her window ‘ Feasting At Home‘. She primarily focuses on local produced ingredients and plant based food recipes that are easy, creative and approachable! 

Hawaiian Heaven (Not a Hawaiian recipe)

Pear, Pomegranate and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Maple Sesame Vinaigrette. I guess for this one name’s enough! With a twist of spiralized veggies and fruits, Ali brings a pasta that looks like Hawai (in a bowl) and feels like heaven and oh, pasta!. Its colourful, tempting, perfect balance of sweet and savoury and such a stunner.  

Ali Maffucci brings forth the amazing world of spiralized cooking via her blog ‘ Inspiralized‘. Inspired by her mother and floored by her zucchini noodles, Ali quit her job dive into this and never looked back. Her life revolves around a spiralizer and all things creatively healthy and delish!

A Creamy Catch

With a name so delish as Vegan Creamy Dill Pickle Salad, this one by Sam sure does live up to its name. Hearty, crunchy, creamy and a touch of sweet, its everything. On top of that its super easy to make, very quick to assemble and according to me a perfect pick for a lazy day late meal.   

Born in a family of foodies and hunters, Sam Turnbull is a vegan recipe blogger based in Canada. Ironic much? After being an avid meat lover as a child, Sam became a vegan post almost unwillingly. She soon began playing around the kitchen and has been bringing healthy comfort recipes through her blog ‘ It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken‘. 

Vegan, Vibrant and Vayy too Good!

Sina serves this colourful beauty Vegan Ravioli Salad and we are drooling. How colourful and yum does that look, no? It’s made of a whole bunch of bright and vibrant veggies and is absolutely delicious. This Mediterranean recipe completely throws boring out of salads and is one of my favs!  

A mom of 2 and a trained high school teacher, Sina lives her dream and life by creating plant based food recipes that are loved by the entire family and sharing them via ‘ Vegan Heaven‘. She makes sure to keep her recipes short, easy to make and that use affordable ingredients.

Taco Taco Taco

No, you read it right, TACO! This Chickpea Taco Salad with Pomegranate and Mango recipe by Andrew is super versatile, requires only commonly  available ingredients and merely a few minutes’ task. It perfectly balances and contrasts spice and sweet and makes for a fun meal.  

Andrew Olson discovered his love for cooking on a random January night in his kitchen. Just like that, out of the blue, very honestly. He founded ‘ One Ingredient Chef‘ to celebrate the power of food and to meet his mission of introducing the beautiful side of real food to any and every one. 

A mom of 2 and a trained high school teacher, Sina lives her dream and life by creating plant based food recipes that are loved by the entire family and sharing them via ‘ Vegan Heaven‘. She makes sure to keep her recipes short, easy to make and that use affordable ingredients.

Watermelon Salad High!

This one, hands down is part of my summer essentials. Nisha’s Watermelon, Cucumber Salad with Mint and Basil is packed (overflooded, in the best way) with all the summer flavours and hues one can think of: sugary, light, crisp, refreshing, watery and red, yellow, orange, green! Its hydrating and refreshing and is just some chopping away from your buds! 

A Harward Law school graduate, Nisha Vora actually began cooking easy stuff for herself as early as when she was 14. After her unfulfilling voyage through the corporate world of law, she found happiness in veganism, started ‘ Rainbow Plant Life‘ and has been flying ever since. She narrates flavour packed recipes that are healthy and appreciated by giants like Forbes itself. 

If you’re here going “WOAHH” and are already searching for the ingredients to any of these, I would call this a successful read! While you may be partially convinced that salads aren’t as boring as they are badmouthed to be, make and munch any of these, and I assure you, you won’t be turning back.   


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