The Vegan Way: Dessert Edition – 10 Most Loved Desserts from Around the World for some Sugar Rush!

“Desserts are the Fairy Tales of the Kitchen – A Happily ever after to Supper”
(Terri Guillemets)

Beautifully and very rightly said by Terri Guillemets and oh I couldn’t agree more. Desserts are anything but ordinary. Like magic on plate, these sugary treats have the power to make ‘em buds fall in love (at first bite!), jazz up the mood, boost up the energy, basically make you actually, genuinely, definitely happy at heart, to the very core! They look glamourous, taste divine and feel heavenly. Foodgasm yet?

Now do you know how many desserts are there? Well, there are MANY (Thank heavens!) and I am grateful for each one of it. As you voyage through the globe, with every few steps on the map, a country to another, you will find many delicious sweet buds make space on your dessert list. Some savored for years, other a day ago creation, but all insanely ambrosial sweet treasures.

From this pool of irresistible, mouth-watering sugary treats, find below 10 best of the desserts from some amazing countries and cuisines. Also, HUED’s fav! 

Each glutted with charm of its own, the following deserts are deeply adored not only by their home country but by people from various different corners of the globe. These are a treat for the eyes, mouth, heart and soul.

Now before you run your brains and sulk as you also drool, let me tell the recipes you are about to dive into are all vegan, easy and oh so delish. So let’s get to this sweet-talk, shall we? 


Homeland: France

Small and sweet, pretty and pastel, Macarons are sandwich like cookies. They are a harmonious blend of two opposite textures, as the layers of crispy sandwich the soft and chewy, giving the mouth a rich flavourful experience in every bite. This delicate round dessert is a French favourite and can be found in all boulangeries (bakeries) throughout the country.


Homeland: Italy

Translating to ‘Pick me up’, Tiramisu is an assembled luscious layered beauty. The layers are rich in texture, each embodying a bold unique flavour. Despite the heaviness of flavours and velvet like feel, it is widely described as sponge cake owing to its light, fluffy and airy appearance. Also, it is a coffee lover’s dream!

Pastéis de Nata

Homeland: Portugal

Sweet tartlets like balls of sunshine, Pasteis de Nata are creamy pudding like filling hiding behind a crispy pastry crust. Infact Pasteis de Nata exactly translates to Pastries of Cream. These are light and have a one of a kind appeal, making it a hard to resist sugary beaut.


Homeland: South Korea

A dessert too beautiful to eat, Hwajeon is a delicate white coloured rice pancake, widely called as ‘flower cake’. These rice cakes are adorned with edible alluring seasonal spring blooms. The intricate flower decoration oozes grace and is complemented well by the lightly sweetened flavour.  


Homeland: Turkey

Another layered gem, Baklava manages to stay unique, all thanks to its oxymoronic texture and taste. It’s flaky-crispy yet moist, with a good enough sugar quotient topped with slight bitterness of the nuts. All in just the right proportion, harmoniously coming together to birth a Baklava. It’s a festival/holiday special while is celebrated any and every time and place. 


Homeland: Greece

Portokalopita, in short, can easily be described as a glammed up orange cake. With a golden glow, it is drenched in orange syrup giving it an aromatic dense look. The thick texture of the cake is enhanced by and compliments the citrusy. It is a sweet-rich treat, and an absolute sweet tooth’s delight. 


Homeland: Japan

Arguably the cutest on the list, Mochi is another rice cake variety. It is a sweet soft squishy ball, hiding bites of ice cream inside. It is super customizable and hence can be found I countless flavours and colours. The outside is slightly on the chewy side, where at contrast the ice cream inside melts effortlessly in mouth. While loved throughout the year, it’s quite a New Year mandatory.

Gajar ka Halwa

Homeland: India

Lavish in looks, Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa/Cake) is ultimate royalty. Despite being a splendid sweet, with a taste so rich and heavenly, it has a home like feel. Although a winter staple, a warm bowl of Gajar ka Halwa, topped wih a variety of dry fruits, is hardly ever said no to. Safe to say it feels like comfort.


Homeland: Belgium

Starring apple as the hero ingredient, Appelflappen is a crispy, traditionally fried, rich in fat winter special. The crunch filled outside meets the soft inside and is showered with a whole lot of confectioner’s sugar that leaves it looking like it’s stepped straight out of a winter wonderland. 


Homeland: Spain

Evidently silky and delicate, Flan is a milky soft creamy custard bottom with its top covered with caramel. Its sleek, edgy and smooth and elegant and the best part? not too loud on its sweetness, just the right! Flan wobbles its way to you, winning and satisfying hearts at every spoon. 

I am not drooling, you are! Well, that was like the entire world on the plate, dressed sweet and delicate! These were 10, but the list is not even close to the end. Gladly so because is any amount of dessert ever really enough? But in all seriousness, I hope after this read, you take the cue and allow yourself to indulge just a little more in these sweet joys of life and give calorie counts some breaks now and then. (still great, at least they are vegan!)


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