Turn to the Tub for the ultimate Self Care Sesh: The Art of Bathing

~ Because bathing goes beyond body.

If I ask you to scan your self-care to-do list this very moment, there’s a huge chance of ‘bathing’ lying somewhere in the last or not even making it to the very list. And this is exactly why we bring this to you. To change how you and we collectively see bathing.

We have all been bathing around, every day and for years. Despite so, we fail to recognize, enjoy and appreciate it. Bath is often perceived as a chore and is squeezed into 5 minutes and done in a hurry or almost absentmindedly. But it is so much more than that. It is an experience, one that is filled with rejuvenation and relaxation. 

Bathing is the ultimate form of self-care. It is not just about washing up the body but also very much about deep cleanse up and relaxation of both of your worlds – inner and outer. A good bath routine is capable of de-stressing you, soothing your muscles and nerves and rinsing away any and every bodily tensions and worries. 

So coming to the Bath Self Care Routine, a well curated routine allows you to have some time dedicated only to your own self and needs, spend it fulfilling those and give yourself a tub full of feelings of luxury and tranquility, wrapped in bubbles (spoiler!) as a gift for getting through work all week, for constantly being there for others and for all other things.

Now let me give a heads up: Bathing is not just limited to soap, shampoos and some water. We gotta add a little(lot) something extra to it, because hey, you deserve it, hon. 

So, without further ado, let’s dip in.   

Build you a Utopia

This is where the magic brews – in the set up. Get in the mood. Play some tunes. Light up scented candles. Top the tub with the caddy. Get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of masala chai or even a plate of pasta if you plan on spending a good long time. Grab your incomplete read. Try sneaking in some living or bedroom pants too! Simply build the atmosphere around what you feel like doing in that very moment. Just make sure it’s just you – avoid texting, scrolling through socials etc. But yeah, we can totally cut some slack for your non-fictional friends (let me write it correctly, F.R.I.E.N.D.S <3).

The Coconut People


Caddy Tray:

Sprinkle some toppings on the water

After the mood is set, it’s time for things to get watery! Fill up the tub with slight lukewarm water. Add some colourful bath bombs, salts and crystals for healing and soothing benefits, pain relief and physical – mental alignment and OFC for that perfect Pinterest aesthetic touch! Oh and yes, don’t forget to shower some petals on the top to make this little date with yourself even more romantic.  

Bath Salt + Crystals: 

Bath Bombs: 

Wash up (finally!)

On to what you sat to actually do, wash up, exfoliate and deep cleanse. If it’s your hair wash day, then start off with your hair and get them out of your face and up in bun. Next, move on to your body. While you play around with your loofah and bath bars and gels and butters, basically all things foamy, don’t forget to enjoy a good hydrating face bubble/sheet mask. Make the most of every moment, for every part of your body!

Bath Bars/Gel: 

Body Scrubs: 


Time to Soak Up

Now this is the toughest one, trust me *sobs*. It’s time to exit the tub, because you know you can’t be in there all day/night (oh how I wish!). But hey, let’s end the session happily, on a good-happy note, with only good memories (excuse my dramatic self), and in a soft af cuddly robe/towel! Make sure you choose one that is clean, generously gentle and smooth in touch to wrap up yourself as well as this extremely exquisite self-care session.   

Bath Towels: 

Bath Robe: 

Now I know this may be slightly, very little (yeah, sure ;P) extra. And it’s okay if you cannot do it daily, even a Saturday night or Sunday morning works. The essence here is to appreciate the underrated art of bathing as self-care and give yourself, even if once a while, that very needed break and bath therapy, because let me say it again, honey YOU FREAKING DESERVE IT! 

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