What is Fast Fashion? Why it Needs to Exit as Fast?

 “Shein is making a comeback!”

If this made you jump with happiness, you’re at the right place! (here!) Sorry to break this to you but um, this quite ain’t as YAYYYY of a news as you may think. Let’s dig in into why.

Shein may bring to you the ‘trendiest’ at the ‘cheapest’, but it is in these two terms where the issue breeds. 

When talking ‘trendiest’ it means latest or up to date. Now stressing on ‘date’, it further implies that what’s adored a couple of months ago is pushed back by what’s being adored or is the rage at the moment. Thus making it clear that the whole concept of Trends prioritizes the change of style/preferences at large over the life of any garment or accessory. This makes us not wear or discard what we bought say half a year ago, even if it may be worn just twice, and is in a top notch condition, just because it’s out of fashion and not a rage anymore because something else is.

Looking at the other locution ‘cheapest’. It is very rare, almost too unusual for any place or person to offer any good at a great deal for free. Yeah it may not cost you money, but it costs you, rather ‘us’ here, something even more precious – the planet and people. 

“Fast Fashion is not free. Someone somewhere is paying.”

Lucy Siegle

To serve the mass a cheap cost, the quality of the good makes the ultimate sacrifice and is often compromised, leading to the use of non-environment friendly material(s) and generation of unhealthy amount of waste. This is accompanied along by small and poor artisans being subjected to ill labor practices and inhuman treatment.

This isn’t just specific to Shien. Some of its other companions are giant joints such as Zara, H&M and more.

So unlike the shiny colorful looking pieces with an even lovely price tag, this is pretty much what fast fashion looks.

Fast Fashion as the name suggests is kind of an era or practice where fashion aka trends change at fast pace, encouraging the people to keep updating, disposing, switching clothes and other things to walk hand in hand with these trends. It intends on standing on ‘mass production’ and ‘low prices’ but subsequently ends up running on poor quality. Poor quality further becomes a contributing factor of shorter life of the good leading to quicker disposal further leading to over flooded landfills further….(yes, it’s pretty much never ending.) 

Fast fashion is inspired by the various runway seasons and collections, is simply a brazen attempt of cloning them. It incites the masses by presenting em’ catwalk goodies to them at affordable rates. It celebrates individual over consumption and also wastage by gloriously making repeating clothes ‘so last season’.

This over the time, has expanded the appetite of and clogged the closets of many. It has initiated a thinking where consciousness takes a back seat and impulsiveness, the steering. A lifestyle of instant gratification has been triggered, especially among young people.

Fast fashion is not a today’s trend, its rather been around for years ergo has caused quite enough trouble to the planet and still. Momentary relief was brought in as the pandemic crept in. The entire fashion industry slowed down, reflected and rethought its ventures. Primarily to keeping going in a way, and as a result, the industry turned to digital fashion weeks and lesser collections, giving the 4 seasons culture a good pause. Though this didn’t last much, it did have high potential to bring in great changes and beginnings. So the responsibility that even a pandemic couldn’t fulfil, is back on our shoulders. But hey, it ain’t as it sounds here. 

With the equal rise in the awareness and environment enthusiasts, today sees plenteous brands offering sustainable fabrics and vendibles and numerous making active efforts such as opting for green materials, manufacturing in small batches, ethical labor practices, zero waste production, eco-friendly packaging, more. And of course, all of this along with stylish and aesthetic appearance. Only if we look, will we easily find an entire separate world of all things slow and fashionable.

“What merely is a single step away is a healthier planet, and that one step is for no one but mine, yours, ours to take.”  


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