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Huedlife Pvt Ltd

We envision a future of conscious consumerism.

In the heart of India’s bustling direct-to-consumer space lies HUEDLIFE Private Limited (HLPL), a company with a mission that transcends business as usual. HLPL stands as a dynamic “house of brands” committed to instigating change, not only in consumer choices but in the very ethos of conscious living and sustainability.

Transforming Indian Consumerism with Purpose

HLPL thrives on diversity, and it reflects this principle in its portfolio of unique brands. Each brand under the HLPL umbrella is carefully crafted to address various aspects of conscious consumerism, from eco-conscious fashion to sustainable home essentials. HLPL offers consumers a vivid tapestry of choices that inspire them to think beyond conventional consumerism and consider the planet in every purchase.

Building Sustainable brands

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We are hiring across verticals.

We’re continuously seeking individuals who are as passionate about creating as we are. We currently have job openings in brand design, technology, and product design. If you’re driven by the desire to create independently and take ownership, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Our Values

Together, we are shaping a brighter, more sustainable future while delivering innovative, responsible products to conscientious consumers worldwide.

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Our Values

A Vision for a Greener India and Beyond