HuedLife Pvt Ltd

About Us

About Us

Transforming Indian Consumerism with Purpose

In the heart of India’s bustling direct-to-consumer space lies HUEDLIFE Private Limited (HLPL), a company with a mission that transcends business as usual. HLPL stands as a dynamic “house of brands” committed to instigating change, not only in consumer choices but in the very ethos of conscious living and sustainability.

Sustainability First

We prioritize environmental sustainability in all aspects of our business. Our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint drives us to make eco-conscious choices at every turn.

Inclusivity and Accessibility:

Sustainability should be accessible to all. We strive to make eco-friendly choices affordable and readily available, ensuring that everyone can participate in the movement towards a greener world.

Positive Impact:

We measure our success not only by profits but also by the positive impact we have on the environment and society. We aim to leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

Our Values

A Vision for a Greener India and Beyond


Concern based Plant therapy brand

Total Routine

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Global Responsibility

Making Sustainability Accessible

HLPL recognizes that true change happens when sustainability is accessible to all. By strategically collaborating with suppliers and optimizing its supply chain, they ensure that eco-conscious products are not just a niche market but a mainstream choice.

We Follow Best Practices

These values inspire and unite us as we work towards a brighter, more sustainable future: