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About Us

Transforming Indian Consumerism with Purpose

In the heart of India’s bustling direct-to-consumer space lies HUEDLIFE Private Limited (HLPL), a company with a mission that transcends business as usual. HLPL stands as a dynamic “house of brands” committed to instigating change, not only in consumer choices but in the very ethos of conscious living and sustainability.

Our Values

A Vision for a Greener India and Beyond

Discover the power of sustainable and natural products

Embark on a transformative journey as you discover the power of sustainable and natural products. Unveil the true essence of eco-friendly living, where every choice reverberates with the harmony of nature.

Our Responsibility

Embracing Sustainable Practices

Making Sustainability Accessible

Global Responsibility

HLPL aims to make sustainability accessible to everyone by collaborating with suppliers and optimizing the supply chain. The brand takes a global responsibility that includes ensuring product safety, embracing sustainable practices, ethically sourcing ingredients, being culturally sensitive, maintaining transparency, educating consumers, and continuously improving processes.

Building Sustainable Brands

Our Brand

Puretive is a brand committed to creating clean, concern-based wellness products with sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients. We believe that true well-being lies in the synergy of comprehensive health and nutrition.

Total Routine’s intention is to provide overall grooming solutions to Men that incorporate a variety of personal care routines in addition to specifically targeted skincare products.

Crafted for preteen skin, our brand prioritizes natural ingredients, offering a gentle approach to skincare that promotes health, confidence, and environmental consciousness

Meet the A-Team

Karan Jain, CEO , Founder at Huedlife Pvt Ltd

Karan Jain

CEO, Founder

Trishla Jain, Co-FOunder at Huedlife Pvt Ltd

Trishla Jain

CEO, Founder

Sharon Samuel

Human Resource

Saavan Sharma, Head of Operations at Huedlife Pvt Ltd

Sawan Sharma

Head of Operations

Lavanya Shankar

Content Writer

Akshat Jaiswal, Web Developer at Huedlife Pvt Ltd

Akshat Jaiswal

Web Developer

Rashmita Lamichaney

Social Media Executive

Ishita Sharma

UX/UI Design Intern

Tarun Rawal, Business Developer at Huedlife Pvt Ltd

Tarun Rawal

Business Development

Rutu Hegde

UX / UI Designer

Kevin Monic

Graphics Designer

Shriram MA

Graphics Designer